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I have experience with producing, mentoring, events, audio production and marketing.

I have always been creative, however until I was 18 it was not something that I truly embraced. My Father passed away suddenly, not long after my 18th birthday. After this I decided I needed to study something which I thought would truly make me happy.


I studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at Hull College from 2017-2020. I used Model-making and poetry as a form of art therapy, it helped me process the grief and allowed me to express myself. In 2019 our year organised an exhibition at 'The Prospect Gallery' in Hull City Centre. My work consisted of an installation, model and photographs of my fathers local Cricket Team's Pavilion.

You can find out more about this exhibition in the 'Art' section. 

From 2020-2021 I studied MA in Creative Practice at Hull College. Graduating with Distinction.

Both the final year of my BA and MA were affected greatly by the Covid-19 pandemic. It highlighted the need for more resources to aid mental health and people’s well-being. I noticed there was a lack of collaboration within the creative sector between young and mature artists. It was here that I realised in order to build a more productive and innovative sector that harnesses multiple disciplines, this needed to change. Therefore, throughout my MA I dedicated my time into creating YADA YADA NOISE. 

Now a graduate, I plan to continue growing my business and developing connections. My aim is to facilitate collaboration, promote creativity and to improve student experience. 

This will be achieved through networking events, open mics, podcasts, zines and other audio productions.

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