I’m Alice Godber. I am a 21 year old Artist and Poet. 

I have always been creative, however until I was 18 it was not something that I truly embraced. 

My Dad passed away suddenly, not long after my 18th birthday. After this I decided I needed to study something which I thought would truly make me happy. Art.

During my Fine Art Degree I found Model-making. Since then I have truly been able to express myself through my Art. I have focused my projects around my Father, which I have found has really helped me process my grief. 

Alongside my MA at Hull College I am developing the YADA YADA NOISE platform. I want to create a space for people to share their words, come together and find a sense of community with one another. I enjoy a challenge, constantly learning and developing from these.  

I am also proudly one of the Sapphic Writers Founders. Which is a Collective of women and non binary people who share a mutual sapphic experience. This experience has enabled the collective to produce two successful zines which celebrated international artists and writers. 

My work is constantly developing but it has covered themes such as grief and sexuality. Through the cathartic experience of using creativity, I realised there was a need for YADA YADA and will continue to develop it.