A platform for creatives founded by Alice Godber.

What started as a monthly open mic at Hull College in February, had to develop grow in a short period of time due to COVID-19. We had to postpone all gatherings and events until further notice. However, thanks to support from HULL IS THIS we teamed up and co-produced a podcast series from lockdown! 

For many creatives, open mics are a big part of their socialising and performing scene. It is also a place where you go and find amazing support networks.

Following from this I also began producing YADA YADA Specials for 106.9 West Hull Fm. I believe that we can use this platform to help people. By giving them a platform to continue performing their work in a group setting.

 Podcasts. Events. Radio Specials. Open Mic’s. Yadazine.

Click on the link below to learn more about YADA YADA NOISE.