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An Artists Statement of Intent for the Project 'Beyond the Boundary'

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

This year I want to communicate a series of work and studies relating to a local cricket club which stays very close to my heart. This is due to my father suddenly passing away in May 2017, he was the heart and soul of the club, everyone looked up to him and quite a few actually saw him as a father figure. Cricket was a major part of my Dads life, after his passing some of the cricket players cared so much that they have actually started to form a charity for his legacy. It is called ‘The Godber Foundation’. I plan on going to the Cherry Burton Pavilion and sketching some of the small details. This could include, part of an old window-sill, bricks, sections of doors. I am very interested in the texture of objects and want to go on to create pieces of art in the studio relating to my studies and hopefully recreate the texture, surfaces and hopefully the heart of the club. In terms of philosophical content, I also want this project to focus around ‘Englishness’ and how this little village in East Yorkshire encapsulates this culture. Also cricket as a sport, they play it in Australia and it is the national sport of India, this is all due to Britain introducing it, this would be relating the sport to its historical content. I would do this through researching the sport but also finding more information about Cherry Burton CC: when the team was first formed and more information about the actual pavilion.

Thomas Demand is an artist that I have found invaluable to the research of my project. However, I do not believe I have focused in enough detail Demands methods and how it raises questions about the nature of reality, this is something which I plan to look into in greater detail.

In terms of work to be produced I plan on continuing the production of the Cherry Burton Pavilion model. More specifically I plan on extending the model, this will be through creating the pavement surrounding the building and also creating a brick wall. My aim is to photograph this piece focusing on the reality of the photos. This could potentially lead me to using the photographs as my main outcome of work. I will need to extend my research for this project and decide whether I should ‘trick’ my audience into believing the model is the real pavilion. Or whether to keep the model as a reminder and almost a legacy of what was.

Theorists I plan on researching to help with this are Jean Baudrillard and Gaston Bachelard, I believe they will help me with context to my own constructed versions or reality both of the model and the resulting photographs.

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