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Stew, Who Was Ashley Godber To You? An Interview By Alice Godber (3)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

What relationship did you have with Ashley?

I first met Ash at Cherry Burton Cricket Club back in the year 2000. I turned up to my first ever men’s game at the age of 12, very nervous to meet my new teammates and also not knowing if cricket was going to be the sport for me. Ash was the first person to introduce himself to me and he took me under his wing from then on, Literally. We ended up winning that game and he gave me a big Godber cuddle at the end, that’s when I realised cricket was for me. I wasn’t to know back then that this big friendly bloke was then going to be a father figure for myself for the next 17 years. I am finding it hard to put into words just how much Ash meant to me. He was my teammate, my father figure, my shoulder to cry on and the most loyal friend I could have ever wished for. One of my own special moments with Ash was when I hit my first ever century at Middleton On the Wolds. Ash wasn’t playing that day but for some reason he came down to watch. He arrived just as I was walking out to bat. As soon as I hit my century I looked over to the pavilion and he was punching the air, probably more buzzing than I was. I strongly believe he was my biggest fan when it came to performing on a cricket field. This worked both ways and I am proud to say I was involved in the game when he took 10 wickets. The best thing I’ve ever seen on a cricket field. The memories are endless.

How was Ashley important to Cherry Burton CC?

Ash’s role at Cherry Burton CC was crucial. He had the biggest impact on the club and we have struggled since his departure. He was the chairman, the treasurer, the father of the club, a class opening bowler and the heaviest number 11 batsman in East Yorkshire. Massive boots to fill in my opinion.

What affect did the accident have on you personally and how did it affect cricket?

When the accident happened, it ripped me apart. I had just lost the one person I never thought would leave me and would always be there for me. He had more impact on my life than most people. Not once did he let me down, ever. Even when I was in the wrong, which was more often than not, he would still back my corner, still support me and help me through whatever latest drama was occurring.

Since he left us, I haven’t felt like I can play cricket anymore. A month before he died I had scored 500 runs in 3 games. I don’t even think I’ve scored 500 runs since he died. I know I can’t give up, but part of me feels guilty for playing, when Ash’s career was cut short. I know I need to work through this mental block and go out there and do it for him. This is the affect his absence has had on me. My personal dream now is to go out there and hit a century for Cherry Burton CC, for Ash. I cannot even remember the amount of times I have sat at home alone crying, just looking at photos of us together. I wish he was still here, pushing us all through life. Part of me feels guilty for transferring to Beverley Town CC 3 months before he died as he was disappointed in me. But he understood my reasons.

How did “The Godber Foundation” come about?

All these are reasons why we set up The Godber Foundation. For me Personally, if I could have half the impact on a young cricketer that Ash had on me, then my goal is achieved. It has been a tough 15 months but we go on, helping each other through it, as a team, as a family.

To you Ashley Godber- I will see you out in the middle next season at Cherry Burton Cricket Club. Yes, you heard it right- I am back!

This interview was held by Alice Godber with Stew Scott

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