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Olly, Who Was Ashley Godber To You? An Interview With Alice Godber (2)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

What relationship did you have wish Ashley?

My relationship with Ash was something you wouldn’t ever see... I grew up being best friends with his Son, Tom. I knew Alice very well seeing as though she was twins with Tom. For me our relationship was great, he saw me grow from a young boy into a man. I went through all of childhood having him there whenever I needed. Then as I got older and started playing more sports I got myself into cricket. He soon changed from my mate’s dad, to a man I wish I could be. The love he showed to me when a lot of people wrote me off was something I will never forgot. He taught me a lot of things, and one of those is to never give up on something. He was a massive inspiration in my life.

How was Ashley important to Cherry Burton CC?

Ash to the cricket club was like butter to bread... He pushed the team through the worst of times but was always first to give compliments when they were needed. Ash wasn’t just an accountant, trying to get everyone’s monthly subs. That was only one of his small jobs for the club. Ash was a player. To me that was the most important. Even though he couldn’t bat like he used to, he still showed us all up with his wickets count every season. Ash was important in so many different ways like raising money for the club, making sure the club had all the right gear, making sure the club had the best.

How did you feel when the accident happened?

I was in complete shock. I got a phone call and within minutes I was by Tom and Alice’s side. I wasn’t always the closest with Alice due to different friendship groups, but Tom is like a brother to me. So, for me it was like I lost a second Dad. I didn’t know what to do other than hold Tom and Alice. In other words, I felt nothing, I had no clue what to do or think.

What affect did the accident have on you personally and the cricket?

As I said he was a mentor. A second dad. I lost that phone call I could make whenever needed, it affected me in so many ways, as it pushed me to try be the best I can be in cricket. It gave me a drive to win like Ash did. But also, it tore me apart, to lose a man like Ash in my life left a whole, a gap I don’t think anyone can fill... the death of Ash really showed me to never take things for granted. He never did, he always without fail tried 100% in everything he did.

What do you think about “The Godber foundation”?

The Godber foundation is amazing. It truly is everything ash would have loved, when it was first in talks of getting set up I was meant to be a part of the committee, but unfortunately another massive chance came in my life that ash would have wanted me to take! For me the Godber foundation sums up everything he was striving for, he wanted young kids to play more cricket as it was so big in his life! And for all these people to come together, raise the money they have done, put on loads of different days up at Cherry Burton. Go to different schools and teach kids the basics of cricket and have a lot of them turn around and say the love cricket, I think I’m right in saying that’s all ash wanted. The Godber foundation is amazing, in every way possible.

This interview was held by Alice Godber with Olly Baldwin

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